Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conservative radio and the propagation of idiocy

Last night, during my drive home, I did something I commonly do and tuned into our local conservative talk radio station.  I do this to try to understand the current conservative arguments, mainly to combat them, but also because listening to nothing but the left talking points is a bit limiting.

I listened to the ending of Hannity's show, which I will simply skip making arguments against to get to the point of this post.  Following Hannity was a radio show hosted by Mark Levin.  Admittedly, I know little about Mr. Levin other than what I have heard on the radio, but this information does come straight from his mouth, not misinterpreted through a third party.

Mr. Levin stated that, as a child, he remembered travelling along a roadside and seeing greenhouses and remembering these places being a good thing.  He then went on to state how the "liberal agenda" had turned the once beloved greenhouses into a term that now referred to "bad" gasses.  He said at one point that carbon-dioxide occurs naturally, and therefore it was not and could not be bad for the environment.  Plants crave carbon-dioxide and plants give off oxygen, therefore carbon-dioxide is actually a good thing and is needed for our survival.

Although I am a computer geek, not a chemist or biologist, the lack of logic or understanding of the basic fundamentals involved here is astoundingly obvious.  To not contrast the function of greenhouses to the effects of greenhouse gases, but to make the assumption that since one is beneficial they both are, is a bold leap into the display of Mr. Levin's ignorance.  The fact that they share "greenhouse" in their names is apparently enough to consider them identical.  Then, to make a pronouncement that since plants use CO2 to make oxygen, that obviously no amount of CO2 could possibly be bad for us is simply astounding.

How is it that this person acquired a radio slot, even one on conservative radio?  Even they should realize just how this level of ignorant propaganda can be dangerous!  I guess not, since he is still broadcasting as of a week later.

My hope was that I would feel better after having ranted about the profound idiocy on display throughout conservative radio, but I don't think that it has had any significant effect.  Perhaps Mr. Walker can help me out.

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